Classrooms Activity Centre Library Auditorium Play Area Conference Room

The Nursery school is situated in a safe and calm environment.

Class Rooms:

Each classroom is spacious and well ventilated. The classrooms are furnished with comfortable desks and benches, cupboards and large green boards.The school also has a large area of open space with a stage where literary activities such as storytelling, Role-plays, puppetry and festivals are showcased.

Activity Centre:

We have a designated activity centre where children come regularly. The activities at the centre aim at overall development of the child. Children get to have hands on experience of topics that are dealt in the classroom.


Fun with learning has always been our motto. We have a well-stocked library with books ranging from phonics reading to general awareness. Added to this, picture books, stories for the young mind, etiquettes, physical, mental and social development books occupy a major section in the shelves of our library enabling the teachers to sow the seed of learning in children.

Auditorium :

Auditorium is equipped with state of art acoustics and a drop down screen ensuring children are rewarded with seamless entertainment viewing. On the other hand, it is a visual treat for teachers and parents to watch children exhibit their best performances in various events. Speeches addressing mass gatherings also occupy a part of the agenda of events.

Conference Room:

Weekly / monthly meetings with the teachers to review curriculum and programme of events are discussed in the airy conference room with well-equipped latest hardware (computers), software and display screens.

Soft Play Area:

Children need the freedom and time to play. It defines the importance that play is a necessity and not luxury. Our enclosed play arena is equipped with age appropriate, child friendly climb areas, soft slides and ball pits. Gross motor skills are developed here under the eyes of caution. Added to this is the sand pit where fine motor skills are enhanced.