It gives me immense joy and pleasure to be with children. The happiness they share is just phenomenal. Their endless energy is infectious. I am blessed to be with them.

Our school scaled new heights under the guidance of our beloved mother Mrs .Meenakshi Balakrishnan I fortunately got an opportunity to work with her for a couple of years. Whatever I have learnt as an administrator I owe to her.
Learning is enjoyable and effortless for children but as adults we try to laboriously push information into their minds. Therefore it is important to give them the education that suits their way of learning.

At Kumarans, teachers constantly strive to create a positive and stimulating learning environment helping children build their own mental strength. We provide them ample opportunities for work, play, joy and the freedom to explore. We develop children to the fully realize their individual potentialities. We strive to create a stimulating environment to increase the learning experience of children.

Support and care given by our helping staff is truly appreciable. The love, interest and enthusiasm of parents and guardians contribute towards children’s effortless and joyful learning.
Our main intention is to build value in a very NICE way.
N – nurture inner strength,
I – ignite interest,
C – create a caring and loving environment,
E – enjoy maximum freedom.
Maria Montessori rightly stated

“Our joy is to touch and conquer souls, and this is one prize which can bring us true compensation”

Mrs. Nandashree Natarajan